ww2 German helmet m35



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ww2 German helmet m35

solid condition

nice relic helmet hasn’t been cleaned might benefit from a acid clean possible paint remains

recovered from Germany, Iserlohn barracks in a large dump

which was a German Calvary and Armoured Regiment

A typical German Army stables, this one being at Fallingbostel. What is often overlooked is how dependant the German Army was on horses. The infantry regiment was fully horse drawn with exception to the machine-gun company of each battalion. All the rear services were (butchery, bakery, post, ammunition etc) were reliant on horse drawn wagons. When the German Army marched into Russia, they were in reality not faster than that of a Roman Legion nearly two thousand years earlier. To put this into perspective, over 700,000 horses crossed the Russian border, but only a few thousand tanks.


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