ww2 German pak 40 7,5cm anti tank round AP /02




ww2 German pak 40 7,5cm round AP

armour piercing round

one of the best German anti tank guns of the war. was also mounted on a few types of light vehicles as the war went on like the rso in the last pictures which i also have tracks available

AP head is pitted but in good condition no damage to the nose cone with eagle stamp on the bottom.

shell is in mint relic condition few small holes, but in full original brass wash and late war paint,

has been fully cleaned and lacquered

can just make out the date 44 on the base and the manufacture asw on the top


FFE, all empty and safe  

for multiple items combined shipping is available depending on items, US  and Europe shipping may be cheaper please message me with any problems

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Weight 8 kg

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